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Archibald Gardiner

Noble, Generous, Kind and True to All
Pioneer of 1847
Born at Kilsythe, Scotland Sept. 2, 1814
Died in Salt Lake City, Ut. Feb, 8, 1902

This monument has been erected as a tribute to him in
remembrance of his accomplishments as a mill builder
and his lifelong dedication to helping people. He arrived
in Afton in October 1889. By December he was producing
flour and lumber which were badly needed by the early
settlers. The water powered mills were built at the
mouth of Swift Creek Canyon. His foresight helped save
the settlers from starvation the following winter.

This monument is not just for his work in Star Valley.
He was known as the pioneer builder of the west, having
built over 35 mills, many canals and bridges. He faithfully
served his family, church, community and country
his entire life.

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