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Opal was founded as a stop on the railroad in the valley of the Hams Fork River. Just 102 people live at Opal, as of the 2000 census. The vacant building of an old general store and gas station is the largest building in town and the scattering of homes and trailers on both sides of the tracks looks very quiet and rustic.

The Hams Fork River runs just south of the town, being named after a member of Jim Bridger's fur trapping party. A row of hills surrounds the valley on both sides, and sagebrush covers a hilly terrain for many miles in every direction beyond.

Oil and gas are the main industry in the area, along with some ranching and the railroad.

U.S. Highway 30 passes by Opal, having been rerouted from passing through the center of the town. State Highway 240 makes a short cut connection to northbound U.S. Highway 189, heading north out of Opal. The elevation is 6,670 feet.

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