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Grand Teton National Park

Welcome to Grand Teton National Park, an area
of impressive scenery and abundant wildlife.
The park consists of more than 300,000 acres,
including the heart of the Teton Range and most
of the valley called Jackson Hole. Mountain men
used the term "hole" to describe a high valley
ringed by mountains. In the 1820's, Jackson Hole
was named for fur trapper David E. Jackson.

Visitor Centers

Stop at a visitor center to learn about points
of interest and activities. Brochures and maps
are available.

Moose Visitor Center

Locations: Moose Village near the Snake River.
Information, ranger-led activities, exhibits,
individual programs, interpretive publications,
recreation permits, winter activities center,
Park Headquarters.

Colter Bay Visitor Center

Location: Colter Bay Village near Jackson Lake.
Information, ranger-led activities, museum,
audiovisual programs, interpretive publications,
recreation permits.

The Indian Arts Museum The life and culture
of Native American tribes, including the David
T. Vernon Collection of Indian art.

Help Protect This Special Place

Drive carefully and obey speed limits. Watch for animals
on the roads.
Wild animals are wild - do not feed or touch them, give
animals plenty of space.
Store food and dispose of litter properly.
Walk on trails to avoid crushing plants and flowers.
Pets must be leashed, no pets are allowed on trails or
in the backcountry.

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