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In 1868, the Union Pacific Railroad was in construction near present-day Evanston. In November, Harvey Booth began the settlement of the town by opening a saloon and restaurant in a building described as a tent with a wooden floor. Within a few weeks the settlement had 650 residents. The first train arrived on December 16 and in 1871 a roundhouse was located here along with the depot which gave the city permanence not enjoyed by other railroad towns. It was named after James A. Evans, a railroad surveyor who laid out the city.

The Bear River passes through Evanston, flowing out of the Uinta Mountains to the south. Rolling hills covered with sagebrush with occasional rocky outcroppings surround the town and are typical of the landscape for a good distance in every direction. The Utah border lies just a few miles to the west.

Interstate 80 passes through Evanston, it being the last major stop before reaching Salt Lake City in the westward direction, with an abundance of tourism-related business. It is also an exit point for vacationeers headed towards the Uinta Mountains, Bear Lake, and Yellowstone and Teton National Parks to the north. State Highway 89 heads northward from Evanston, crossing the Utah border several times, and State Highway 150 heads south to the Uintas.

The population of Evanston is 11, 507, and the elevation is a lofty 6,749 feet.

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