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About Uinta County

Uinta County lies in a hilly country just north of the Uinta Mountains in the southwest corner of Wyoming. The Bear River and other streams flow northward out of the Uinta Mountains, bringing water into the valleys where towns and farmlands are located. Ranching and the railroad are the core of the economy, and the local cowboys pride themselves on their western culture. Grasslands in the valleys and along the rivers are surrounded by miles of sagebrush-covered hills. The peaks of the Uintas, visible to the south, are snow-capped well into summer.

Fort Bridger, the oldest settlement in the county, was an important trading post on the Oregon Trail, located in a serene valley on the Black's Fork River. It was originally built by Jim Bridger in 1842. Evanston was settled in 1868 in the Bear River Valley by workers on the Union Pacific Railroad.

The population of the county, as of 2010, was 21,118, a large portion of whom live in Evanston. Interstate 80 passes east-west through the county. U.S. Highway 189 heads north from the freeway towards Kemmerer. State Highway 150 heads south from Evanston into the Uintas and State Highway 89 heads north from Evanston, following the Bear River into Utah.

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See the County's official site at www.uintacounty.com, and the Wikipedia article, Uinta County, Wyoming.

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