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The town of Alpine, Wyoming, located at the mouth of the Grand Canyon of the Snake River, has grown tremendously tremendously in the last decades off the tourism industry. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and the Palisades Reservoir, it benefits from a steady flow of vacation traffic heading to Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Tetons. Hotels have sprung up, along with residential area, so that Alpine boasts a population of 550 people (at the 2000 census).

The Grand Canyon of the Snake River, also called Snake River Canyon, begins just north of Alpine, and cuts deeply into the mountains, running for some twenty miles towards Jackson Wyoming. Covered with forests, it is one of the beautiful sights in America, and a favorite for river trips, as well as camping and hiking.

The Greys River also passes through Alpine, flowing out of the mountains to the southeast to join the Snake River just north of town. The road through this canyon is also a mecca for adventurers and vacationers.

The Palisades Reservoir fills the valley to the northwest of Alpine, and extends southward into Star Valley, as well as eastward to the mouth of Snake River Canyon. The Salt River flows out of Star Valley to the south into the Palisades Reservoir not far from Alpine.

U.S. Highway 89 forms the main street of Alpine. It crosses the Snake River immediately to the north, where it reaches the junction with U.S. Highway 26, which is called Alpine Junction. Southward it passes into Star Valley and comes to Thayne. The elevation at Alpine is 5,660 feet.

Other Places Named Alpine:
See also the town named Alpine at the feet of Escudilla Mountain in Arizona.

For More Information:
See Alpine’s official site at www.alpinewyoming.org and the Wikipedia article Alpine, Wyoming.

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