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Grover is a rural community on the east side of Star Valley, and at the feet of the Salt River Mountains of Wyoming. It is at the lofty elevation of 6,167 feet, and enjoys cool summers but cold winters. The valley is filled with grassland and farmland, and the mountains are forested. The national forest boundary is immediately on the east edge of the town, and North Street heads up a scenic canyon in walking distance of people’s houses.

Star Valley extends for miles to the west and the south from Grover, and the city of Afton begins just a short ways to the south. Star Valley is divided into two parts by a hilly area just north of Grover. Beyond the hills, there are several more miles of Star Valley. The Salt River flows through the valley from the south to the north, on the west side of the valley.

Star Valley and Grover were settled by Mormon pioneers in the 1800s, and Grover is laid out in the manner typical of their settlements, with large blocks and lots and a neat grid of streets. There are just three streets running east-west, named South, Main and North streets. There are five streets in the other direction being numbered from First to Fifth. U.S. Highway 89 passes through on Third Street.

The population of Grover in 2000 was just 137, and it lives in the shadow of Afton, which is much larger. The whole valley is scattered with farmhouses as well as newer upscale residences where wealthier people are locating because of the beautiful scenery.

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