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La Barge is a small town on the banks of the Green River in western Wyoming. Grassland and rangeland covers the valley to the west and a slight drop on east side leads to the river banks, which are surrounded by wild grasses and trees. Beyond the river, the facing hills sport a brightly colored landmark known as "The Spur" or the "Red Banks", rising several hundred feet above the town.

La Barge is named after Joseph Marie La Barge, a canadian fur trapper who trapped beaver in this area with Jim Bridger in the early 1800s.

The extensive gas and oil fields in the vicinity fuel its economy. The population was 431 at the 2000 census. The elevation is 6,594 feet. U.S. Highway 189 runs through on Main Street and State Highway 235 accesses the oil fields to the west. The nearby Fontenelle Reservoir is a popular recreational retreat.

LaBarge is in Lincoln County, but only a short distance from the Sublette County line, and is considerably closer to towns in that county than its own. The name can be found with and without a space in it, LaBarge and La Barge.

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