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Dedicated to Memorial Park 5-13-2004

By B.K. Johnson, Commander
Post 88 - La Barge, Wyoming
And Alvin Chapman, Adjutant

Army Tank M60A3

This tank was first built in 1960.
Build by the Chrysler Corporation, it was the
army's main tank for 35 years. This tank was
in the Kipper War in Israel in 1972 & 1973 and
it was the main defense tank in the cold war in
Europe. It was also used in operation Desert Storm.
It's main gun was a M68 105MM rifled cannon. Secondary
armament included a M85 .50 caliber machine gun,
a M240 7.62MM co-axle machine gun and two six barreled
smoke gernade launchers. The tank carries 63 main
gun rounds, 900 .50 caliber rounds and 5,950
7.62MM rounds. The crew consisted of a
commander, a gunner, a loader and a driver.
Combat weight was 57.5 tns and has a top speed
of 30 MPH. It carries 375 gallons of fuel with a
cruising range of 280 miles

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