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A wide variety of vegetation and water types join
where the river meets the reservoir. The great
diversity of land types, vegetation and shallow
water areas contribue to the abundance of wildlife
species in the area. This diversity is part of the
formula that helps keep the wild in Wyoming's

Sandhill cranes nest on islands and shorelines of
the Salt River. Willow flycatchers, yellow warblers,
and other songbirds nest in the willows, along the
riverbed. Muskrat and beaver also inhabit the river
white mink, red fox, and coyotes prey on shoreline

Canada Geese bring newly hatched broods to the
reservoir shoreline in the spring and early summer
to feed on green plants. Mallard, gintail, American
widgeon, green-wing teal, and gadwell ducks nest
in the cover of tall grasses on the river banks and
islands. Young ducks and geese depend on the
aquatic insects for rapid growth and development
and they find an abundance of insects in the
shallow water wetlands and moist soil shorelines.

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