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Star Valley

Often termed the star of all valleys, the Shoshone Indians referred
to the valley as a “heap of fine hunting ground”. Unusually high
precipitation and topographic features make the Salt River Valley one
of the most productive and diverse of all wildlife areas found in
Wymoing. Sandhill cranes, Canada geese, ruffed grouse and bald eagles are among
the birds nesting in the area. The valleys of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem,
including Star Valley, are important waterfowl production areas for western North

America. In 1987, trumpeter swans were transplanted to the valley from Montana
and since have wintered here.

Protection and improvement of the streambanks and wetlands along the river for
both fish and wildlife resources are important to the area and its people. The big
game animals summering and wintering in the mountains and foothills surrounding the
valley provide some of the best hunting in Wyoming. Trophy elk, mule deer and
moose abound in the rugged mountains of the Caribou, Salt, Wyoming and Palisades
ranges. Thousands of visitors are attracted to this scenic area to hunt and fish
or observe and enjoy wildlife in its wild surroundings - a testimonial that Wyoming's
wildlife is a precious commodity for the state and its citizenry.

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