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The town of Granger today is a small rustic town with a population of 146 people, located a few miles off U.S. Highway 30, near the confluence of the Black's Fork River and the Ham's Fork River. Located at the one-time intersection of the Oregon Trail and the Overland Trail, it sports a stagecoach station built in 1850. The station, built of stone, stands today and is a registered historical site. In later days, U.S. Highway 30 passed through the town, and it became a stop on the railroad, which remains today.

Visiting Granger today, it is seen that it is a remnant of what it once was, but that a handful of residents still cling tenaciously to it. Along with the stage coach station, other historic buildings and older houses recall a bygone era.

Sagebrush plains extend from the banks of the river for quite a distance, broken by low, broad hills. The elevation is 6,268 feet.

U.S. Highway 30 junctions with Interstate 80 a few miles east of Granger. It follows the Ham's Fork River westward from Granger, connecting to Opal and Kemmerer.

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