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Marbleton is a growing town in the highlands of Wyoming along the Green River. The area is rich in oil and gas, which is what drives the local economy. The Green River passes by a few miles to the southeast. The Wyoming Mountain Range stands in the distance to the west, and a broad plain surrounds the town in all directions. Creeks flowing out of the mountains towards the Green River pass through the area, including North Piney Creek, just south of Marbleton. The elevation is very high, about 6,870 feet, giving Marbleton a very cool climate. The town sits on a bluff overlooking the creek.

Marbleton has a close neighbor, Big Piney, just a couple miles to the south on the other side of North Piney creek. Beyond that, there are few towns anywhere nearby.

The population of Marbleton as of the 2000 census was 720. It was founded by Charles P. Budd, who was the son of Dan Budd who founded Big Piney, and incorporated in 1914. U.S. Highway 189 passes through Marbleton and Big Piney going north and South. Further south it reaches La Barge and Kemmerer. To the north it comes to U.S. Highway 191 at Daniel Junction.

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See www.marbleton.com and the Wikipedia article Marbleton, Wyoming.

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